Hello dearies!

Welcome to my blog of all things travel and lifestyle. It might seem to be a little feminine in some posts, but I promise it’s not all catered toward makeup, fashion, and hair. I really strive to write articles that incorporate a “travel” in some way, shape, or form.

The reason I started this blog is, like most twenty-somethings, that I am looking for my place in the world while trying to leaving my mark. Millennials seem to have the travel bug and I’m no exception. I intend to share my adventures with you through this blog and hope you’ll stick around to watch them all unfold.

So make yourself at home. You will find my recent posts under Excerpts on the top right of the page. To know more about my background and who keeps calling you “dearie” take a look at my About page.

I thank you for stopping and whenever you feel an itch to gander at my latest topics stop over. I love having guests. Do keep in mind to comment and don’t be too shy for inquiries. I have many topics in the works for 2018 but I fancy writing about the topics you all care about and may have questions without answers. Keep in mind inquiries should be travel related. Well that’s enough chatter. Go ahead and explore my blog. I thoroughly enjoy hosting you any time you’re here.

As always be bright and be you.





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Hello dearies!

My name is Kat.

I’m a born drifter and I wish to share some of my experiences with you. When I say I’m a drifter I genuinely mean I can’t seem to stay in one place for very long. Looking at my life it seems I can give you some proof of that.

It’s  relatively similar to other twenty-somethings. My parents settled down in a small mill town in Northeast Minnesota with four children and me being the youngest allowed me to learn from my three older and extremely talented siblings. It was a lot of pressure to live up to them–shout out to all the babies in the crowd!

Post-graduation in 2013,

With high school out of the way, I carelessly leaped into an unknown southern world to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Freshman year was rough and I call it “the year I had my awakening.” Catchy huh? My eyes opened to the reality of adulating. I attended an all women’s college that year and I made a lot of friends. Despite seeing the world through a new clarified filter, I still had no idea where my future was going to take me.

Sophmore year

It was difficult but I made the decision to transfer to a University in South Carolina near Hilton Head Island. I started studying Hospitality Management and found that the classes seemed to make perfect sense. I seemed to have found something I was naturally good at which was servicing people with the most joyous smile. The beach and few friends I made were an amazing change, but I still felt a calling to something else.

Third Year

I took yet another careless leap into another unknown and moved to Florida the next fall semester, where I participated in the Disney College Program–if you are unfamiliar with this program an amazing tool called Google works miracles and would be more than obliged to give your greater details than I ever could on the subject.

After meeting my five forever roommates at 6301 Patterson Court fate drove me back north to Minnesota. I still didn’t know what I was intended to do with my life and felt like I needed to accomplish something.

Junior year (degree terms)

So, I managed a retail store until Fall 2017 rolled around where I went back to school in South Carolina for a semester and re-enrolled Fall 2018.

Present and Senior Year

I’m still working on my Hospitality Mangement degree and intend to finish by the end of 2018.

That’s my history. Now that you know me I think we can both agree I’m definitely a drifter. I can’t seem to stay in one place for very long and that holds true for this summer because I have been accepted into an internship program in Australia. My intentions for this blog is to update it with twenty-three more fantastic travel themed articles to share my journeys with you lovelies.

You have my bio and the map of my blog so I hope you’ll find yourself comfortable on my site. It’s so wonderful to be able to converse with people all over the globe. It warms the cockles of my heart.


Before I end my little biography though let me add this one note:
Kaylie Janae Photography takes the majority of my portraits. I give all credit to her skillful and artistic craftsmanship. Traveling over the Midwest, the quality of her photos are a steal for the prices! Seriously check out her Facebook page. Her caring nature makes you feel natural, resulting in the best shots.

You won’t be sorry looking at her photos.


Well, I suppose this is goodbye for now.

Thanks so much for stopping to read my blog, dearies. I’m very excited to have you apart of my life!

Be bright and be you.