A Viewpoint from an American on America

When I turned 18 I ran for the hills with the tunnel vision of looking for adventure much like Bilbo when he chased after Thorin’s company. I craved to see new cultures and it never occurred to me that I could experience many cultures without a passport. I didn’t understand the full capacity of culture at 18, but I enjoyed being a tourist with my camera and sidewalk blocking habits abroad–just kidding I’m not that tourist.

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Skincare Routine: Long Flight To Oz

Normally when I fly in the United States it only takes a couple hours to reach the destination so I never understood the consequence of not having a flight routine. On shorter flights, I got away with drinking coffee, not sleeping, and pretty much dehydrating my body as much as possible. I found out the hard way on my trip to Ireland that 13 hours of recycled air and lack of sleep are exceptional assets to dulling skin. Read More

Silent Workouts: Great for Travel and Home Life

Traveling and wondering how to keep your workout routine?

When traveling, I like to find hotels with a workout center which can be hit or miss seeing as I am a university student. When plan A fails, I move to plan b for in-room silent workouts. That leaves me to workout in my hotel room, which isn’t very realistic when doing a HIIT workout. However, there are different workouts below that will make you burn the calories and not receive a noise complaint. Read more for tips!

My Favorite Memories from Living in Australia

This week was rough and some emotional issues came up that reminded me life has challenges. The world needs balance. Without the evil in the world, we may never understand the better side of life. Luckily happy memories are there to remind us of the good times and that happiness is possible in the future. Read More

Australia Series Is Now Live

It’s revamped, polished, and even has a logo.

The bonus to updating my site, other than its chic and neat look, is the official Australia series! I’m so excited about this because it means you guys don’t have to use a treasure map to locate the collection of “life in Australia” posts.

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Why I Decided To Intern Down Under

I just got off the phone with an inspiring human being.

Although he is in California running a company, he allowed me to take an hour of his time to chat. We’ve known each other for years and it’s always nice to catch up whenever our busy lives allow us. During our conversation, he referenced my upcoming internship, “Why Australia?” Keep on reading!

The Impacts Of Kindness In A Day

The golden rule is so simple and yet I think it’s so easily forgotten. Kindness and courteousness are easy to overlook when going through what Ronald Orzabal would call “our daily races of going nowhere.”  Our days with technology, time, and schedules seem to keep our heads buzzing and make us forget that all around us are people. We miss the opportunities to indulge in other’s around us and really listen.

Today I was reminded what kindness looks like:

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