A To-Do List in Santa Barbara

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I was lucky enough to visit my good friend in California this past summer. She had to work a lot, which meant I had to do some exploring on my own. Below are some of my top rated activities that I was able to experience in my short week on the Pacific Ocean.

1. The Old Mission


Set on the mountain side, The Old Mission still stands as beautiful as it did in the late 1700’s. The rose garden directly next to it makes for a perfect evening on the lawn looking at the stars. If you travel at the right time, you might be able to catch one of the chalk festivals that occur annually. The above image is from one of the artists that attended the festival in late May 2016. Seeing as my trip occurred in late August, I took this picture and realized that the drought saved this work of art.
You can read more about The Old Mission here.


2. State Street

This is where my people are. Seriously.

Shopping is my guilty pleasure and State Street has it all. For the foodie it has pubs, restaurants, and ethnic cuisine and for the shoppers it has local and brand name stores. This street has it all for any shopper, including the people that want to sit down at the theater while waiting on friends. One store I thoroughly enjoyed was Salt. I experienced a 50 minute self-meditation in the salt cave and I definitely recommend it to anyone in the area.


3. The Stearns Wharf

The Strearns Wharf is a massive dock protruding into the ocean. There are many shops, not nearly as many as State Street, and restaurants to choose from while biding your time in the sea air. It was a great chance for me to spend time with Madame Rosinka, as she is located on the pier as well. If anything, it’s something to cross off your bucket-list for all the palm reading seekers.


4. Knapp’s Castle

Let me just point out that there is a rope swing. It overlooks the hills that you just traveled across for 30 minutes and it makes for a great photo while waiting for the sun to set. The environment is natural and a nice change from the industrial scene. For those that love nature shots and sunsets, this is the place to visit on your trip. Many couples accumulate to this spot for engagements and photo shoots. Despite being a little bit of a drive, the sunset is worth the commute. Knapp’s Castle was by far my favorite adventure.

That is my short top four places to see while visiting Santa Barbara. Comment below and let me know what your favorite activity was visiting this destination.

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