Hello Friend!

My name is Kat. I’m a born traveler and I wish to share some of my experiences with you.

My goal is to leisurely publish pieces for you that surround wardrobe decisions,  life as a college student, and destination insights. It is my hope to share each journey with you, so I’m not alone in feeling the excitement as each day begins. It’s never fun doing it alone. As I go on these trips I yearn to share my excitement with you. I cherish our time together and wish to converse with you about my travels.

Enough chit chat though. A little bit about myself: I grew up in a small mill town in Northeast Minnesota. Post graduation in 2013, I continually traveled across the United States in pursuit of my education. I’ve only just started my life and I know with every new experience I gain a memory I’ll hold forever.

Note**Minnesotans looking for a professional photographer**
Check out Kaylie Janae Photography for fabulous pictures. I adore them!
I’ve also linked her Facebook page here. She really does a wonderful job on taking pictures and I haven’t met anyone as personable as her yet in my shoots.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my blog, Friend. I’m very excited to have you apart of my life! Feel free to make comments or suggestions. The more discussion the merrier.