If you want to know about Kat from a dog’s perspective, keep reading.

The best way to describe her, in my canine mind, is a stubborn born drifter. She travels too often and doesn’t stay in one place longer than six months. The fact that I’m her faithful companion is surprising since I like my own bed and normal sleep schedule. Everytime she goes, I’m left with relatives while she goes on an adventure. I wouldn’t mind her leaving as much, if I knew I’d get the same amount of pampering and food that I do when Kat is home. The relatives can be so stingy on treats.

Right, you’re here about Kat. Well, I can tell you the past 13 years she’s been entertaining to watch. At eighteen, she felt an itch to escape the small mill town she’d always known. I didn’t see much of her then, but she’d come back to tell me that attending an all women’s college Freshman year wasn’t a good fit for her.

She transferred to a South Carolina university where she could study Hospitality Management. I guess that’s a good fit for her. She’s catered to my needs so she can thank me for giving her the experience she needs.

The years she went away are so boring to talk about because I’m not in the picture. I know you want her bio or whatever so here’s a fast breakdown. Three gap semesters and one Disney College Program later, Kat will be finishing her degree at the SC University. Graduation is approaching and I think she’s more than ready to move on with her career–which is still undecided at this point other than pampering me. Once she makes her life decision, I’ll make sure to tell you guys but I’m in no rush to assume her life choices. Besides, she has to make sure I can go with her, wherever she goes. I mean look at me. I manipulate my human and I didn’t need to go to college to be this smart. Gift of a canine I guess.

Kat also wanted me to let you guys know Kaylie Janae Photography takes the majority of Kat’s photos. All credit is rightfully Kaylie’s, as it should be. I mean for humans that don’t sparkle like me in every photo, Kaylie takes naturally glam photos. If you’re in the Midwest, you should look her up. Both Kat and I know Kaylie loves doing family shoots and the prices are a steal. Seriously check out her Facebook page.

Well, that’s my summary of my human. Thanks so much for stopping, we’ll see you in the next post!

“Be bright and be you.” -Kat

Stay sassy, be classy, and own your human.” -MJ